Monday, 13 February 2012

Are you fed up with the results you are getting?

What has been occupying my mind a great deal over the last few months is how to define success and what it means.  The amazing thing is that I have received so many insights on the topic in a multitude of ways: in flow with the Universe perhaps.  I would like to share a couple of recent ones.

First a myth.  Many people believe that Struggle + Stress + Sacrifice = Success.  Many of us buy into this in our pursuit of success because we are convinced that the next equation is: Success = Happiness

And yet so often what happens is that we get this equation: Struggle + Stress + Sacrifice = Unhappiness.

You could rewrite this Unhappiness = Success = Happiness.  That probably sounds counter-intuitive.  However I concur with Michael Neill's perspective: Happiness leads to success a heck of a lot more often than success leads to happiness.

So how can you put down the load, let go of the struggle, and live more for yourself, so happiness comes more easily and often? Well there is a great facility available and that is Mike Dooley's Notes from the Universe.  It is a free service where you receive a well crafted message from the Universe every Monday.  In essence Mike's view, is take heed of your dreams, capture them visually or in a reflection journal and let the Universe do its magic.  This sounds easy but remember we have minds that kick in and start wrestling with how this is going to happen and when it does not all happen immediately fill us with negative self-talk.  It is all about trust and developing the tenacity to keep showing up and to try out different ideas in a playful way to see what works for you.

So are you up for that?  If so what one small step are you going to take today?