Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What does a Rapunzel cake and a potter's work have in common?

Wow so far May has been quite a ride!  How's it been for you?  Those who are into the meaning of eclipses did say that the one we have just experienced would bring about huge shifts.  I don't know about you but I feel there have been reverberations for a lot longer than that.

This is really a time for great learning if you can allow it, and often that can come with quite a bit of pain.  Being stretched is radically different to being comfortable and on the plus side it is what leads to personal growth.  I always remember what Michael, a spiritual guy I used to hang out with said at times like this, which was think about how a cup is fashioned.  The potter has to form the clay into a shape using her wheel and hands.  It takes time.  Then when it has set, she will paint and glaze.  For all this beauty to last, it has to be fired in the kiln at a very high temperature. It is quite a process to get a thing of such beauty and yet the end result can be appreciated for a long time by many.  We too are a work in progress.

Using my own analogy, recently it was my eldest's birthday.  She wanted a Rapunzel cake and in the picture you can see what I created.  The last bit of icing was completed at midnight, the day before her birthday.  Both my parents and my husband thought we had done enough and any more would spoil it.  I wanted to carry on but they managed to convince me that my daughter would love it just as it was and she did!  None of this would have been possible without the support of some great friends.  Caroline provided a barbie and gave her hair extensions and pretty floral hair piece; Anthea from Krempa Kupcakes gave me loads of advice on how to ice the cake and Emma provided the invaluable kugelhopf silicon tin.  I am very grateful for each of them for helping me to fulfil a little girl's dream and thereby make her birthday even more special.  It shows if we step up to the plate, we can achieve great things and that many of the best things come through collaboration.

I hold onto all these thoughts as I enter a new stage of my life.  Last Friday, I celebrated the end of an era - an 11 year relationship with a corporate.  I am now giving myself space to create a new kind of life, one in which I get to revel in being a Mum and help to build the kind of world I want to live in through the work I do.  At times I get impatient and then I remember, it's important to take small steps and do silly, frivolous stuff and take stock after such a major transition.

This post was inspired by Grace Kelly's timely words If your pushing and desperate to make it happen you've just LOST! Time to relax, breathe, slow down, pour a glass of wine and let the Universe do some of the work tonight.  They spoke to me and I wanted to share them with you.  And now I am curious, what has this post sparked off in you?