Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The count down to paying it forward 2012

Like all amazing things, this movement started out as an idea and has grown and grown.  The film is 12  years old!  I had heard of the concept quite a while ago and thought that it was a good one.  It remained in my consciousness.

More recently someone invited me to join the Pay It Forward 2012 Facebook event.  I did and then did not think much about it.  This morning I was thinking about how I wanted to spend my day; what I had energy for and I found myself going to the pay it forward Facebook page.  That led me to the trailer for the original film.  It's definitely worth seeing if you have not done so already.  I had tears in my eyes as I watched it.

I was moved by Sandra's pledge to practise this throughout the year as it fits with something which is very important to me at the moment - a focus on changing the way we do business.  She is offering to send people in the UK a set of her pay it forward cards.  I look forward to receiving mine in the next few days.

 For the first time I read the introductory blurb by Sandra Richardson and discovered that the big day was two days away.  Only yesterday I responded to a friend's email for help.  She needs practical support to get the word out about her forthcoming art exhibition so I offered to spend Thursday with her, showing her how to use social media to publicise her message.  I am so thrilled that I can put my practical skills to such use for a really good cause.

That was synchronicity but it led me to think about what more I could do.  After all the idea is to do three things for three different people.  So far I only had one.  I immediately thought that it would be good to involve the local primary school which my girls attend.  I have emailed the head asking her if she will do an assembly on it and offered to come and support her if she does.  I am waiting to hear back from her.

My last commitment was to get it out there so I posted a short message about Pay it Forward in four groups I am a member of on Facebook - three of which are full of life coaches, so for many it will be a way of being already.  I also tweeted about it and encouraged my co-active colleagues to come and join the party.  The target is for three million acts of kindness to take place on Thursday.  There are loads of ideas about the kinds of things on the official website.  The great thing is that the acts can be anything from buying a stranger a coffee to offering an hour of your professional services for free.

Wouldn't it be great if everyone lived their life this way?  We would be so much richer for it.  What are you inspired to do?

Monday, 16 April 2012

The power of one: the story of how one woman felt the fear and did it anyway

I so excited about what my friend Shamela Kylassum has created.  In under a month she has put together Bollygood and the idea is to get 4,000 people following the simple moves in the video at 3pm (BST) on 12 May.  Why you might ask is she doing this?  

First if she is successful then she will have broken a world record but that is almost incidental.  She is looking to raise £10,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.  This is because two years ago, a good friend of Shamela's called Sophie Parr, died of cancer 16 days after they diagnosed her.  She was only 24 years old.  She loved Bollywood so it seems a fitting way to pay tribute to her life and to ensure that others have the support that they need if they get the big C.

In under 30 days, Shamela has managed to persuade the head of Consulting at PwC to endorse what she is doing and he hopes to bring his family to the event.  She has also received funding from PwC's chairman in the UK, Ian Powell, which is no mean feat.  The choreographer for the Jai Ho is the world famous Jay Kumar.  As well as the main event in London, she already has satellite events in Florida, Seattle and Cape Town.  

It makes it sound so easy or perhaps you think she is just lucky.  What I want to do is share her story with you in her own words because then you will see how tough this has been at times and how much she has needed to emphasise her vulnerability to make this into the success it is becoming.

I would be lovely to say that its all been easy from the initial conception of the idea to getting to this point but that would be inauthentic.  Its been the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  The resignation is always there and I have had to work hard to banish my gremlins. 

When looking for the venue - I hit a stage of panic, I was enrolling people and registering them, but I was getting no where with getting an awesome venue.  I was in a very negative place, thinking that I was letting everyone down.  Then a Landmark graduate friend told me what I needed to hear which was to stop giving meaning to everything.  Even more than that was the realisation that this project is not about me, and I started to drop my ego around it.  I went to bed that night, thinking "just stand in the possibility of the right venue turning up". 

The next morning I received an email from a lady at Westminster city council offering me Victoria Embankment Gardens for free.  I burst into tears and rang up my Landmark Self Expression and Leadership Programme (SELP) coach and babbled down the phone about how amazing that was.... 

The next challenge was the 3rd party liability insurance.  Only one or two places do this kind of cover and they quoted £500- 600. Initially I thought, I can cover it as my contribution, but the same friend told me that would be too reasonable.... he said there was another way and to find that other way.  Once again I stood in the possibility of another way, and emailed Macmillan for help.  They came back with a proposition of becoming a Macmillan committee and then they would help us with a bank account and would cover the insurance for us - AMAZING and so easy. 

I then focused on the next thing, the choreographer.  A friend of mine had volunteered but wasn't getting in touch - so this time I stepped into the possibility that the best choreographer would turn up and Jay Kumar, who runs a bollywood dance business, posted on the facebook page within minutes.   

So what is happening now?  More and more people in PwC are stepping up and making sure Bollygood has a life of its own.  My SELP team keep pushing me, my coach and my buddy keep reminding me to be unreasonable and thanks to them I have achieved so much. People are spontaneously offering help - a local restaurant owner got in touch and asked if he can help. We have the possibility of royalty and celebs coming and who knows what else is possible! 

My life has opened up in a way that is so unexpected and magical ..... I am being seen as someone that has vision and that can create something from nothing, ( my old past self is really quite overwhelmed, my new self is really proud) !!! I am now present to the real power and magic of this in your life.

You too can support this initiative either by running a satellite event - you only need 25 people to run one.  Alternatively attend one of the four events that will be running and donate to the cause by clicking here.

It is incredible to think what can be achieved when you put your mind to it and get your saboteurs - the negative small talk in your head - under control.  Powerful coaching can help you achieve all this and more.  What can you do to transform your life today and how can I help you?