Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Moving from the Year of the Tiger to the Year of the Rabbit

Today as I took the train up to Leeds, it occurred to me that it was almost Chinese New Year - 3 Feb - and I was curious to see which year was coming up so I got out my smart phone and did some surfing.  It was also the first step towards stuff clicking into place.  2010 was the year of the Tiger.  I don't know how much you know about the characteristics but I think the following characteristics have proven to be themes for the year - mood swings, honesty and hard-work. Tigers are reknown for their passion and there have definitely been huge vicissitudes in the energy levels this year.  For that reason alone, I am looking forward to the year of the rabbit which will be calmer and where there will be a focus on diplomacy - much needed in certain parts of the world right now.  As it happens, it is unlikely to be one of the best years for roosters albeit one with a very different energy to the current one.  I shared those thoughts with you because they give some context to the first month of 2011 which seems to have been a challenging one for many in different ways. 

It certainly put certain things into perspective for me and for that I am grateful.  The other big learning came through a major setback.  As alluded to in a previous entry the main thing I have been working towards over the last six months has failed to come to fruitition.  Naturally I was pretty shaken up about it for a while and what helped were the words of a wise woman, Pamela Mattsson.  Her comment was that it is important to give space for the disappointment and then to reflect on what I wanted to create.  This seemed illogical initially as all I could do was think what's next and even when I had peace and quiet nothing came to me.  My patience and persistence was rewarded (thought of your words at this point Michael) and a vision came which links many of the things that I am passionate about and builds on what I am good at.  It is so exciting and Nigel Botterill, the founder of the Best of Franchise and multi-millionaire, would approve because it is big.  This is so key to finding the energy to move forward because the vision is compelling and provides a focus in which to frame the next 12 months which will be my planning phase to put all the pieces in place so that it happens. So watch this space for more info.

Remember if you feel that the world is going to end, take a breath and try to see it from the perspective of opportunity.  Yes the destruction of all that could have been or that was is painful but in death there is rebirth - the phoenix arose from the ashes.  I had to let go much of what I had considered important for many years but in so doing cleared a space to allow what I really want to manifest.


  1. I was just explaining about the different chinese years to my two boys the other night and they were really interested. This is a really positive post and I'm delighted you found some answers and a driving force. Here's to a great Year of the Rabbit.

  2. Thanks for your comment and how lovely that you have spent time explaining it all to your two boys. How old are they?