Monday, 29 September 2008

What can coaching do for you?

The purpose of this blog is to introduce you to coaching with me. Since starting my own company I have realised that despite the proliferation of coaches in the global marketplace, there are still many people that have very little idea what coaching can do for them. Perhaps because they are not clear on the benefits of a good coach, they also tend to see coaching as a non-essential extra that they may fit in when they have time.

From my perspective, coaching is an exceptionally valuable tool. Its purpose is to help individuals move forward from wherever they find themselves at that current moment. For example earlier today I was working with a very well known consultant and trained psychotherapist who has over 35 years experience coaching and consulting to consultants. His feedback at the end of the telephone session was that I had freed him up and taken him to a more creative space in which to prepare for a big event later this week. In other words coaching helps individuals reach their full potential and to live and work from that place by moving forward from the present.

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