Wednesday, 16 September 2009

An ode to Autumn

Well it is definitely beginning to feel like Autumn and I have heard a lot of sighs from people because the nights are drawing in and the air feels colder and sometimes I have emulated that. Only yesterday I was thinking that one of the great things about the change of seasons is that there are no more wasps! There seemed to be an invasion of wasps in this part of the country and it made eating out/ picnics a bit of a purgatory because one was never left alone. I can also remember doing a dance round the bins at times when I was trying to get to the brown bin to empty the compost; and occasionally being defeated by the wasps. This year I was stung by one at a summer bbq which made it even harder for me not to over-react when one came near me. In short with September coming, I am grateful because the plague of wasps have ceased. Although my youngest keeps saying there is a bee in her hair or on the table when it is actually a fly!

So what about you? What makes you grateful that it is September and the start of Autumn?

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  1. I am grateful because of all the new energy that autumn brings!!! Summer is lovely but there is a lazy, hazy feeling about summertime and I like the fresh, crispness that the autumn brings.