Saturday, 3 October 2009

Ode to Autumn II

On rereading my last post I was conscious that the focus was more around why I was glad that it was not summer rather than what I liked about Autumn. Inspired by Huw FW's programme enthusing on the fact that England has seasons, I thought it was time to extol the virtues of this time of year. Added to which the nights are really drawing in now and there is a crispness in the air which only leaves the air around midday for a couple of hours so in some ways it is even harder to fathom the joys of Autumn.

I have always liked the fact that come the end of September, it is time to get out my winter wardrobe in particular jumpers, leather jackets and winter weight trousers. What I really enjoyed this year was buying my two girls winter hats for the colder weather although they still insist on wearing their sun hats whenever the sun comes out! I also enjoy wearing knee length boots although I have never been a fan of the ugg boot. I saw the most amazing sight today baby pink knitted ugg boots on a 4 year old!

We still have not turned on the heating yet but today we really noticed the chill in the air which was an excuse to have the first of another favourite of mine, a log fire in the evening! There is something very relaxing about watching a fire raging whilst hearing the wood cracking and enjoying the warmth that emanates from the stove. That is definitely part of the bliss of Autumn for me.

If that is not enough there is also the part that nature plays. This is through the change in colour of the leaves from green to orange golds, russets, burnt orange and so forth. The next stage is the carpet of leaves along the roads and hedge rows that give children immense joy as they kick them this way and that. Earlier this week we headed over to the pub for a quick bite to eat and I noticed the first conquers in their shiny brown coats winking at me from the driveway. It took me straight back to my childhood and the horse chestnut tree in our garden under which we whiled away hours of fun choosing prize conquers and then stringing them up for the ensuing conquer fights. I cannot wait to introduce the girls to this ritual.

I think this captures much more accurately what I love about Autumn. On another note with the end of the "hazy lazy days of summer" come the more purposeful, focused days of Fall. For some there is much delight to be gained from this new type of energy. I would love to hear your thoughts in particular what do you look forward to when Autumn/ Fall comes round?


  1. Oh I just LOVE autumn - its my favourite season of the year, with the beautiful russet colours surrounding us as far as the eye can see! I love the smell of autumn too, especially when I kick up the dry (if lucky!) leaves as we walk through Wimbledon Common. That sound and feeling as I kick up my heels evokes happy childhoods. I even wrote about our chestnut-picking adventure yesterday on my Holistic Feathers blog ... joyfully typing away as dusk drew ever nearer. That's something ELSE I love about autumn, that decidedly-naughty feeling that you can get in from work and jump straight into your PJs as its dark!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your joy of autumn - and also for your very sweet dedication.

    Callie - Moonpoppy

  2. Hi Kate,

    I too love the fact that we get seasons here in the UK.

    I love Autumn for the smells..the woodsmoke of bonfire night, that metallic taste and smell of fireworks, the rustle and scuttle of leaves as if they are going somewhere..when the wind comes there's a sense of change, sometimes with a hint of sadness that we have to move on but more of excitement about cosy nights in by the fire, socks, comforting food and something warming to drink.

    Happy Autumn Kate. I think this year it's going to be a good one.

  3. Thanks, Kate.
    I love how we humans seem ready, each time the season changes. The fires of Autumn, just now, from cherry leaves to wood-smoke, warm my heart, just as you describe.
    Winter will be just right too, when it arrives, I crtainly hope so.