Friday, 29 January 2010

Fun Friday: Shiny happy people meme

Do you ever have that feeling that some things are not supposed to happen? I had written this post and was just adding the photo at the end, unadvisable in blogger because then you spend ages getting it into position when I thought I know I will reposition the text. I tried to do a cut and paste but had forgotten that you can cut text but you cannot then paste it back into blogger. I am now feeling very frustrated. Added to that the song that I wanted I cannot include as a video image because I do not have an mpeg/ avi/ windows media etc file so there is just a link which does not feel the same. Grr!

That said I am very grateful to Paula from Battling on who has made history in Kate's world because she is the first person to tag me. So let's hear it for Paula - yay!! This is actually such a joyful topic and very appropriate for Fridays and the weekends especially Sunday night just before people are going back to work.

What's the meme about:

#1 Share a song that makes me happy and that gives an injection of happiness when needed.

#2 Post an image that makes me smile, it can be anything - an image from tinternet or a silly photo that makes me laugh as long as it's not too rude.

So for the third time of trying here are my thoughts.

In many respects the song was easy and that is because I received it through one of those lists we are all part of and it really saved me in my hour of need. As many of you know last month, Andy (my husband) sustained a head injury and initially the prognosis did not look good because he had fractured his skull, suffered from internal bleeding and swelling on the brain. He could not move his head without feeling sick and was kept in for a week. When he came home he was signed off for a further three weeks and made a slow recovery. However it was great to have him at home because the girls were slightly freaked out by visiting him in hospital. Below is a side view of his head after it was glued back together and washed:

So the song that I was sent was I believe I can fly and no I am not talking about the Orville version. It shifted my perspective dramatically. I went from thoughts about cancelling Christmas to ideas on how I could use the experience in a magazine article to inspire people. The article was published in Nubia magazine earlier this month.

I had no idea what image I would choose as I am much more audio than visual. Again the universe stepped in, as I finally got round to downloading a whole load of photos and as soon as I saw this one I knew it was the one. It is a photo of my youngest a family wedding earlier this month. She's in full swing on the dance floor. What I love about the photo is that it captures her essence so well and also is an image of unadulterated joy. Whose spirits would not soar when they looked at this photo?

Enjoy and finally I am going to tag a few peeps who make me laugh or provide thought provoking stuff on a regular basis so that they can join in the fun:


  1. Hurray!! Delighted to give you your first tag... it was mine and @nickie72's first too!

    Love the pic of your youngest...such joy, and 'ouch' had no idea about what had happened to Andy- what a horrible time that must have been for you all.

    I'm so frustrated on your behalf that the music didn't work...maybe it's just me, but the link above didn't go anywhere either. Here's another version for anyone who wants to copy and paste the URL into the google box...

    Nice one Kate,


  2. Thanks Paula. Wierdly in looking for a link I found a way to post to blogger today so everyone please go to today's post Monday for part II which will allow you to play this inspirational song.

    Thanks everyone, keep on singing,

  3. PS I have also fixed the link in this post if you cannot be bothered to do that. Yay - we are winning!!


  4. I am confused ... but I've barely slept for 2 days so that's not surprising! But I'm delighted to be tagged ... 'tho not sure how it works, am always thrilled to spread love and happiness x x x