Wednesday, 17 February 2010

From Slummy Mummy to Yummy Mummy

I remember how eye-catching the above title was when I read it as the subject of a talk aimed at Mums considering going into their own business. It's not mine but it encapsulates what I want to write about and that is about image.

For those of you that do not know me, I had two girls within 15 months of each other. That meant that any figure I once had just disappeared. As a consequence and due to being physically and emotionally exhausted post the second birth, I spent the best part of two years as slummy mummy. I lived in jeans and as I had told myself that I would not spend money on clothes in a size that I did not intend to inhabit for long, most of them were not in anyway stylish.

So what changed? Some things did not change much in that I am much happier in an informal environment and will still wear jeans frequently. Using my coaching techniques and my will power which can be formidable, I lost the baby weight and am now five pounds heavier than I was pre-children. Not bad when the experts say that one should expect to gain half a stone with every child one has! So that meant I was able to reward myself and buy some new clothes. And yet it was more than that, I realised that I was the face of my business and therefore it was worth getting dressed up and wearing make up for networking meetings and tweet ups. It also made me feel more confident. Around the same time I discovered eye brow plucking in a big way. I don't do it methodically but I swear it makes me look younger which, when everything else is going south, is a bonus! I also have a three year old who, when asked what she wants me to wear, always says a dress. Sometimes I comply but normally I compromise by going as far as skirt.

So that's me but I found something that is a bit of fun and can be used to help you decide who you are, so tick off mentally all the ones that resonate with you:

Slummy Mummy
  1. You always wear the same clothes as they are practical, and often covered in food.
  2. You may occasionally get to brush your hair before you go out.
  3. You have turned up at a class only to find that it is half term and you had forgotten
  4. You do the odd class only because you want to get out and meet people for your sanity
  5. The house is always an absolute tip and you don't care - what is the point of tidying up when all the toys will come out again anyway?

Yumy Mummy

  1. You are always perfectly groomed
  2. You wouldn't dream of taking your children swimming yourself as you would mess up your hair - they have a personal instructor
  3. Your children wear designer clothes
  4. Your children have a strict timetable of classes from birth to ensure their education is top notch, they will never be allowed to jus play
  5. The house is always perfectly tidy, and you would never know children live there

This post has been written for Josie's writing workshop and was inspired by Nicky's post, which when I read it, I knew that I just had to write my own version. So thank you Nicky and Josie for giving birth to this post so to speak.


  1. Investigate threading... it's wonderful!!

    Great post and thanks for the linkback :)

  2. Oh dear. That settles it then. I am most definitely a slummy mummy and probably will remain so. I've never been 'yummy' in my life!

    Admire your energy in 'remaking' yourself. I just don't seem to have it in me right now!

  3. Josie following the quiz above I am definitely in the slummy mummy category - just back from dinner out with some lovely mummy friends and I could not be bothered to get changed out of my jeans. In part it was cos I had a two year old who was v unwell and cried every time I left the room but also am of the view that people take me as they find me.

    Nickie you are welcome. I really enjoy your blog and your passion for what you write shines through. I have heard of threading and have been meaning to try it. So now following your recommendation I am even more determined to give it a go. Just hope it's not painful...

  4. Excellent post! Well done on losing the baby weight. My New Year plan to do so has mysteriously fallen by the wayside.

    Judging by your checklist, I am slummy beyond belief! While I do wear a dress or a skirt most days, I usually manage to compensate by forgetting to brush my hair or wearing tights with a socking great hole in them (and noticing till I get to music class, where all the glam nannies snigger at me).

  5. I can relate to that Bakingmadmama although I don't do music with my two now because up until recently they had it at nursery and I sing to/ with them. When I take 3 almost 4 yr old to ballet, its drop them outside the wooden doors and don't venture in. Yes it's good to have lost the weight but the youngest is 2.5 so there's no excuse for me...

  6. Fantastic article, it really made me think. I have to admit I only ticked one box in the slummy section (the tidying up one!) but only half related to the yummy mummy section. I never leave the house without make-up on (but wish I had the confidence not to). I do wear nice things but only because I love clothes! I do avoid getting my hair wet in the pool (but I do take them swimming). I do take the children to lots of classes, but only because we all like them (I also spend hours in the garden / park / woods...) The kids do wear designer clothes, but only ones I find in charity shops. Blah blah blah! Maybe a new mummy phrase should be coined for those like me that don't seem to fit into either.....?!

  7. Yay Kim someone who owns up to being a yummy mummy. I would definitely put you in that category if I had to make a choice. You always look so glamorous and make it look so effortless. Tell me how you do it, willing to take any tips. Another friend of mine who commented on fb rather than here said she thought people were 50:50 i.e. not one category or the other. I certainly feel I have my glam moments but there's nothing regular about them. K xx