Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Coincidence or serendipity?

This is the first time this week that I have actually felt like blogging and that is because I have something to share. I am just back from a few days in Bath where I visited my Mum with the girls. We all had so much fun and I thought that as part of the half-term break that it would be good to keep my time on the laptop to a minimum so that I could really focus on the girls.

It is funny how the Universe works. I was reading through the invitations I had received to connect on Linkedin and noted one from Kath Roberts. The first thing that drew my attention was her request to connect - she had taken the time to give some reasons. I then went over to check out her profile and discovered that her business was called Alchemy4thesoul. It really resonated with me and I am indebted to her because her business summary provided the encouragement that I needed to update mine so that it reflected my primary focus at the moment. I was about to sign off when I noticed that her location was Bath which is exactly where I was.

Intuitively I knew that we should meet and that is exactly what we did this morning for just over an hour in Bath where we had a coffee. What struck me about Kath was her naturalness. There was no posturing and yet it was clear that she was steeped in spirituality, if that's possible.

We shared our stories and all too soon it was time to get back to the girls. It felt too soon as there were so many other questions I wanted to ask her. Then I realised that it was just the start of our connection and that will be more and so I relaxed. Her parting gift was to mention two books that it would be worth reading and the funny thing is that I was only just thinking that I wanted to read more spirituality books.

I am so glad to have met Kath and for our paths to be connected even if it is only for a short part of our journeys through life. I have shared this with you because the more we open up to our whole selves, the more opportunities and enriching experiences come our way.


  1. Hi Kate, what a lovely post. I met my husband on a plane, flying to Seattle, we simply sat next to each other, chatted, laughed and swapped emails. When I got off the plane I told my Mum I was going to marry him. A year later we were engaged, a year after that married and the rest is history. So I am a GREAT believer in situations or people that come along right into your life path for a reason. It is amazing that you met Kath in Bath (!) and even more amazing that what she did or what she stands for resonates so much with you. I love the name of her business, if only for the fact that my favourite book of all time is Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist and any book of his is an amazing read and really good for your soul! I also love the fact that is isn't about Religion, although he clearly has a great belief in God, but more about spirituality. I wonder whether you have read any of his books or whether any of them featured on Kath's list?! In any case, happy reading and connecting with people :-)

    Ren x

  2. Ren thanks for your comment and for sharing such a lovely story. What a wonderful way to meet the person you are sharing your life with. You are an amazing person which I am discovering through the comments you leave here and on FB. As for Paulo Coelho yes I am very familiar with all his work and think The Alchemist is the best by far. I have 2 copies of that book. Kath's two books include an author others have talked about Dan Milman and someone who is completely new to me. The even stranger thing was that when we connected on FB I discovered that we both were christened with the same name and same spelling of it!!