Thursday, 27 May 2010

Today's lost children

We all remember Peter Pan, don't we? For me it was a magical book when I was a child as I always liked the idea of a land far away in which children lived who could fly. In fact my copy of Peter Pan has my name written over it many times over as I was keen to claim ownership. Shame I did not know at the time that it was a family heirloom full of pictures by a famous illustrator, ahh well!!

I digress. The point is that the story of the lost boys came to me in bed this morning as I was pondering on how to respond to Josie's challenge. Underneath the outward layer of fun and games, there is a deeper underbelly or shadow side. I contend that to some extent the land of never never was where people went who refused to grow up and take on reality. They wanted to live in a world of fantasy whatever the cost and the cost was huge. The inability to give and receive love.

Does this appear at all familiar to you dear reader? How many people actually take responsibility for their lives and no matter what happens, are willing to say I am at choice here in how I respond. I can blame someone else or something else for what has happened or I can look for the opportunity that the situation presents and from that point start to grow. How many people do you know who actually embrace change? Why are so many people averse to change? Change hurts but as the alchemists discovered it is impossible to make gold without purifying metals and subjecting them to the fire.

Just so we are clear taking responsibility does not mean by default becoming a house owner or a parent. It does not mean the end of play or fantasy. Life can still be an adventure. One of the things that I am passionate about is enabling people to be leaders in their lives and thereby live an enriched life full of possibilities rather than one dogged by fear, uncertainty and feeling lost. Think what life would be like if everyone felt that their life had meaning and purpose.
I always like a challenge and Josie's prompts this week over at Sleep is for the weak provided that for me and I am very grateful for that. This post is a response to the request to take the word lost and be creative with it.


  1. The world would certainly be a much place if everyone really felt their purpose, if we all knew the meaning of our lives. A very inspiring post--I love the idea that people could be taught how to stand up and take responsibility for themselves and for their own meaning.

  2. Hi Michelle thanks for your post it is always lovely to get comments on the blog especially from people that are new to me so thanks for stopping by ;-) And yes it is rewarding work and I am often inspired by the extraordinary things that ordinary peeps achieve.

  3. Great post Kate! I must admit to being hesitant about change in my day to day life but more often than not, once I've taken the plunge it ends up being a positive decision.

  4. Thanks Amy. I did read this week that if you make a decision and wash your hands afterwards you feel more sure about it that is according to American Science.