Wednesday, 5 May 2010

How to be an author, a Mum and deal with OCD

Today I am happy to host Vrinda Pendred, Founding Director/ Editor of Conditional Publications, a new independent publisher dedicated solely to publishing the works of authors with neurological conditions. Their first book, Check Mates, comes out on 11 May 2010.

Yesterday Vrinda stopped by Charly Latham's blog and if you missed it you can go here This is the tenth stop on Vrinda's 14 day blog tour to promote this ground-breaking book new book.

What makes it ground-breaking is that "Check Mates" is a collection of short stories and poetry either about or inspired by the struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), all written by people with OCD. It is arranged into two categories, Realism and Beyond. Whether feet on the ground, allegorical, or completely fictional, all the compelling work in this collection portrays the true story of this misunderstood condition. It is also the first ever fiction work completely written by OCD authors.
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1. What are your tips for success as an innovative woman entrepreneur?

I basically have one overriding tip: never, ever give up. If you really want to do something then you can. Accomplishment is partly down to ability and mostly down to motivation and passion for what you are doing. As long as you have the drive, you will be willing to develop the skills and techniques necessary to achieve your goals and you will stop at nothing to get where you want to be. Sometimes I see people trying so hard to be something, but if you tap into what you already are, then there is no stopping what you can achieve.

2. How do you do it and make time for your child and deal with OCD?

I try not to think about the whole picture too much because it can become overwhelming. I also keep my goal in mind - I am an incurable dreamer and always have an image of what I want for the future, and this keeps me motivated to continue through the hard times because I am determined to make an easier future. I then break everything into bite-sized morsels - if you've got a zillion things to do, make a list on paper so that they are on paper rather than swimming around in your head driving you crazy (this is especially helpful if you have OCD). Rearrange them according to what needs to be done by what date. Then if you see you have six things to do by the end of the week, only put 1-2 things down in your diary to be completed by the end of the day. If, on one day, it turns out you still have got the energy and time to do extra things, then go for it but don't put pressure on yourself to do that. Always know that you can do a little each day and everything will be fine because you are meeting your deadlines. Then you'll have that tiny bit of extra time left over to devote to other things that you need to do .... or just to have a break! I devised this method when I was planning my wedding two years ago and what originally felt like the most daunting task suddenly became so easy. People said I was the calmest bride they had ever seen and the first that they had seen who actually enjoyed her day because everything went to plan. I now believe this is how to handle everything.

And if I find myself in a place where I just don't know how I am going to get through the next few days because I have got SO much to do, I keep reminding myself that once it is over I never have to do it again!

3. What would your message be to other women especially Mums who feel they have a book in them and have many other things to juggle at the same time?

If you really feel that there is a story bursting out of you, then let it out. Try not to worry too much about who/ what you are writing it for; just write it for yourself. If you want to take things further later, that's another step to think about once the book is finished. For the moment, don't pressure yourself when you already have a lot on your plate, and the inspiration will just flow and flow. As for juggling things: like I say take "baby steps." In the short term, you may feel you are not getting much done but give it a year and look how far you have come.

Vrinda will appear tomorrow on the wonderful Callie Carling's blog on 6 May at or And remember to sign up for the book launch at

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