Friday, 30 April 2010

Giving thanks

It's Friday night and my OH has already checked in to see whether I will be joining him and the others downstairs so I cannot stay long. It is a fantastic day for many reasons.

1) It is my OH's b'day today and effectively he stopped work early so we could celebrate. My Mum also made us a cake which was a lovely surprise.

2) It is my birthday tomorrow and I have managed as part of Andy's b'day present to arrange for us to spend a night in a hotel with great food tomorrow night. Bring it on - a night as a couple ;-)

3) I went to the inaugural meeting of a new networking group for Mums and managed to find more people interested in my social media courses including businesses so work is really looking up.

I say us because tomorrow is a celebration and I will truly be middle aged, there's no hiding from it now. I don't mind as I have a great deal to be thankful for such as an amazing place to live (I can definitely recommend barn conversions); my daughter has received a place at the local school which is 500 yds from the front door; my work to have a street party for the Close I live in is coming together which will hopefully create more of a sense of community (yay!); my relatively new business idea definitely has wings and is attracting in customers which is fantastic; and I get to spend my birthday with people who really care about me; and many of my twitter and FB buddies have been out in force sending me wonderful, supportive and fun messages showing that I am part of wider community too.

So my wish for you my readers is that you too have a truly munificent weekend ;-)

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