Friday, 16 April 2010


Don't know about you but I have always had many positive connotations about the old Timotei ad where a beautiful, innocent young woman with long blonde hair is prancing around nymph-like in a waterfall. It's as if anything is possible when you are in touch with your whole self. I saw this photo and chose it because it reminded me of that original advert.

This is a short post in which I am giving thanks. I feel so much genuine gratitude for many of the people in my life at the moment that I thought this was the best way to express it.

Thanks goes to my cousin who gave me a real break earlier this week. We were down in Bosham staying with her and her family and as ever nothing was too much trouble. She was not even fazed when 2 y/o did a poo in the pool which leaked in part. Best of all for me was having lots of adult company, eating good food and drinking wine, and being encouraged to help minimally in the preparation. It was just what I needed.

Yesterday went well. I met up with two wonderful co-active coaches in London to finalise some of the venue stuff around our conference on 14 May. It could not have been easier. We now do not have to pay a charge for the pub where we have reserved drinks for post-conference drinks and it is so beautiful, covered in window boxes currently filled with daffodils. Lunch will be available for all overlooking St Katherine's Dock and if it is sunny like yesterday there will be nothing that can be beat it. What is wonderful is that we have a record number of people coming to the event including some big names in the coaching field all of which is wonderfu

Next and probably most importantly, it looks like I have solved my limited company headache. My business is not at the stage where it makes sense to go for limited company status and yet I was being press ganged into it by a client. Fortunately the lovely Will Farnell also an ex-PwC colleague, has offered to act as an umbrella company so that I can do the work they are offering me in May. Woo hoo!! In the journey to this point I received advice and support from many other twitter buddies- too many to mention but you know who you are and I am grateful to you.

If that were not enough riches, I am also blessed by some of the friends that I have. It is my eldest's 4th b'day next weekend and I was dreading it because neither sets of parents can come and we have around 16 kids coming!!! Anyway one of my friends who is coming with her two offered to help out in any way that we needed. She happens to be very creative so is making the Princess for pin the tiara on the Princess, and her lovely husband who adores kids is coming to help out with the mad house.

In other words life is good, I feel incredibly blessed and thankful to all those who have helped me achieved this state and I hope that I in turn can do the same for others through my work and presence. Have a great weekend and if you want to share any thoughts on the topic please do so as I love to hear from you.


  1. ... and I feel very blessed to know you and count you as a friend, Kate *hugs* bless you for sharing your thoughts with us (don't envy you with mammoth birthday party task 'tho *hehehe*)

  2. Oh that is so lovely of you Callie thank you. The feeling is entirely mutual...

    Feel I have the party under control now as it has a princess theme. All the kids will be making wands, bought the stuff today and about to order the Disney Princess cup, plate, napkin set for the food. So all in all a productive day apart from having my Space NK purchase taken in a coffee shop making it the most expensive coffee ever at over £40!