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The Myth of being self-employed

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Yes just imagine the freedom, the independence of being your own boss, get the credit, the reward and the fun of it all as well. I call all of that the myth of being self-employed. I have been self-employed practically my entire working life. I have created a variety of small businesses some of which went on to do very well, others not so.

I love being self-employed and I love myths. Myths are created from a mixture of dreams, reality, illusion and hope. Sometimes they teach us lessons and sometimes they inspire us. I hope that the myth of being self-employed inspires you and at the same time myths are created around the same version of the ordinary human facing great odds, passing through a series of tests, and in some myths coming out the other side of it with a great treasure of some kind.
The challenges that we self-employed meet present opportunities to develop our Selves, to meet our Selves. We do not really meet our Selves in the easy times. Don't misunderstand me, I like easy times. It is just that it has been in the challenges that I have had to really show up and discover what I have got. It is through the challenges that we become wise and strong and develop more of the amazing resourcefulness that we are. In Awakened wisdom I describe the Eight states of an Awakened Life. One of them is a good state of Being.
One of the big lessons I have learnt over the years is that it is wise for us to look into the nature of our relationships. When you are self-employed, your business becomes an externalisation of your state of Being.
In a good state of Being, we are asked to examine the nature and the quality of all our relationships in life. That starts with the relationship to our Self, our partners, our business and also our relationship with prosperity. Self-employed people have created a very direct opportunity to affect their prosperity.
As a coach, I have worked with many women who are self-employed. I must say that I hate to make generalised statements based on gender and yet at the same time there is some wisdom available to us if we are willing to look into it and of course we have to take it all with a pinch of salt. There are always exceptions. Here is one thing that I have noticed about many women who are self-employed.
Women by your very nature are givers and tend to give to relationships. Often giving more than receiving and often giving too much or not valuing what you are giving in a fair way.
Many women I have coached over the years really struggle with putting a fair value on their services. I would like to propose that if you are a woman who is self-employed that you revisit what you are charging for what you provide. Are you really satisfied with the rates that you are getting? Do they reflect your true value? Are you honouring yourself through them?
As self-employed people, it is important that we work towards yes' on all those questions. Of course you have to consider the market and what your clients can afford and at the same time remember to consider your Self.
I have known many women that have created amazing businesses and lives for themselves and their families. The myth of being self-employed is worth going for and I wrote Awakened Wisdom as a Guide that I know will support you on your journey of turning that myth into your reality.
Journey happily,
Patrick Ryan
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