Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A vision in pink

I have been a bit of a lurker reading some of the posts for Tara Cain's weekly Gallery which are all based around a photo that fits that week's theme. This week I was inspired by the theme and one of the posts by Laura that I read that I just had to submit an entry so here it is.
In February this year, my 3 y/o daughter started ballet. She had been asking me for over a term if she could do it. Initially I resisted because it just seemed so predictable that a 3 y/o girl would want to do ballet especially one like mine who was only interested in wearing skirts or dresses and pink. My husband, who is generally much more observant than me about the children, commented on what good rhythm she had for her age. Must take after him because he can dance whereas I have two left feet! So at that point I gave and said why not. She had a couple of taster lessons and absolutely loved it. After each one she was so excited. All she wanted to do was to ring everyone up from her good friends to her grandparents and tell them that she was doing ballet. It was obviously a hit so I went and invested in all the gear. Fifty quid later we came out of the local dance shop with leotard, voile skirt, tights, hairband and cardigan. Fortunately she already had a pair of shoes kindly donated by my cousin! Even better was the fact that Granmags had agreed to foot the bill. Let's here it for Granmags. The photo below is of Sienna all dressed for ballet on her third lesson, the first time she had the full outfit. She is so proud of what she looks like that she was less self-conscious than usual when I got the camera out to take a photo as she loved being a vision in pink. It is my interpretation of pride and I hope you enjoy this post.


  1. Oh bless her, she looks gorgeous! Lovely post!

  2. Thanks Christine. It is definitely one of her more lovely moments. Believe me at almost four there are plenty of the other kind!

  3. Thanks Laura. It did make my heart glow and I began to wonder why I had got so hung up on the stereotype. She was so happy...