Wednesday, 17 March 2010

How does she do it?

I am beginning to wonder if there is something in the cosmos at the moment but as I am not an astrologist so I cannot be sure. It just seems that many people I know are having very busy times that can at times be extraordinarily stressful. Below is an account of my day today because it highlights what those of us who are Mums and running businesses go through a lot.
I am launching a new course next month and have done a great deal of prep for it. My initial email had not had much response so I ended up going to a networking event this morning as I knew I would meet some of the people who had signalled initial interest there. This sounds easier than it was. Last week I had to call in a favour with a good friend and ask her to look after my 2 y/o as despite the event being aimed at Mums, there is no creche. I did not feel too bad as we usually see said friend and her 2 y/o on Wednesdays at the same playgroup. What it involved was getting to the venue 40 minutes early to deposit my youngest before heading off to the meeting.
However that was not all. Part of the reason I had not gone to bed until 23.30 last night was because I had to wrap a pressie and write a card for the daughter of a dear friend (we went to school together) because she was three today. It is the 3 y/o's ballet class on Wednesday and so I had to call in an even bigger favour and ask one of my local friends if she would pick up the 3 y/o from pre-school, feed her lunch, let her play w/ her daughter then take her to and from ballet. She often takes the 3 y/o to ballet but would now be responsible for her for 4.5 hours. Despite feeling uncomfortable about this, I did ask and she did say yes last week. Just needed to remember to pack her ballet stuff for pre-school and take her car seat with us too!!
That done the 2 y/o and I headed into town. This involved finding a new car park where I was going to meet my friend, so a quick look on the internet was needed before we headed out. Deposited 2 y/o then a mad dash to the networking meeting stopping briefly to apply lippy in the car mirror. As soon as the meeting had finished and I had caught up with a couple of people, it was a mad rush back to the playgroup where I sang a couple of songs with my 2 y/o, touched base with friend then a quick march homewards for lunch. Just needed to check that all was ok with friend who was picking up 3 y/o because she had not been at pre-school or answered her phone that morning so popped into her house. Ended up going through a convoluted explanation with her husband as that friend was out and then hurried home to feed 2 y/o.
After a quick sandwich we headed off to Buckingham about an hour away. We had to stop en route to fill the car with diesel as it was virtually empty! We arrived at the softplay area in plenty of time and so I was able to fit in 3 business calls including one about a possible venue for my 3 y/o's birthday which is next month. Importantly I got the last space in the car park. We stayed for an hour and a half. There was more food including chips and other starchy stodge for the mummys. We managed to see the cutting of the cake before we left. Despite a good run home we still got back after my friend so there was a message on the home phone saying that she had my 3 y/o at her house. That did make me feel guilty so we scooted over as fast as we could to collect the 3 y/o.
Since then I have been at home with two very tired children doing the bedtime ritual including supper and party cake. Not a great combination with a rather stressed, over-caffeinated Mum to boot. Is it all worth it I wonder? What do you think?


  1. Kate, you are doing an amazing job juggling everything. Just remember that your daughters are healthy and HAPPY! I also had two people doing favours for me with regards to childcare today. I had parents evening at school but didn't want my eldest to miss her swimming lesson, so dropped her off at the pool in the care of my friend, there with her two daughters, to bring her home after the lesson. Meanwhile my mum stayed at home with the little ones, and cooked their tea and gave them a bath. Normally I do everything by myself! So I always feel guilty palming them off on other people. However I do believe its good for children to be able to go to other caregivers, and its important to give children a bit of independence to show you trust them. Not to mention making your own life easier! So don't feel bad, it is definitely worth it for everyone concerned to become a rounder person, with input from different people. Its all a question of balance....

  2. One of the hardest things I've found about juggling work and home is that you are always going to feel guilty - either about the kids, or about the work commitments. The person that actually misses out most is.... dare I say it... you. Where was the revive Kate time in this extraordinary schedule. You are doing a great job, but remember you need to take care of yourself too - not just everyone else! xxx

  3. I think you know the answer. Yes, it's worth it. It's worth it because you're doing something you love, because you're giving your girls a positive role model, because you're making a difference.

    It's always good to hear about other people having those kinds of days - I've had quite a few this last few weeks (hence still not having a moment to email you!).

    On another note, the next time you're making a trip over this way you should give me some notice - the kettle's always on!

  4. Rachael thanks for your comments really appreciated and sometimes we just need positive strokes. Let's set up a get together in the holidays with the kids cos it is easy for me to get to your part of the woods from here. Mentioned it to Paula a while back.
    Vix you are spot on that is exactly what happens and is something that occasionally I spend time thinking about i.e. how do I resource myself? Thanks for the lovely comment.
    Kim I left you a comment but for some reason it has not posted - aghh!! The guilt I was feeling was the fact that I was asking someone I hardly know to do me a favour and then she had my eldest longer than intended because I was not back when she tried to drop her off. I was mortified and felt incredibly embarrassed.

    Thank you so much for your online support, it has certainly restored me and given me what I need to get going today. Grateful to all three of you.