Wednesday, 31 March 2010

10 things that make me happy

Over a week ago, I was tagged by the effervescent Nickie with the Happy 101 Award and now in a better frame of mind I am ready to write this. So here are ten things that make me happy:

The love of my daughters

Recently I have been away a great deal delivering coaching and mentoring skills in a cross-cultural context. Whenever I come home, the welcoming committee is always there often making noises and trying to get the door open. Most recently my youngest was giving me a big cuddle on my return and quite unprompted she said I missed you Mummy. My heart melted. It is wonderful to receive such unquestioning, almost unconditional love.

A good book

I love to get lost in a really good read which is probably why I am currently in two book groups and always struggling to keep up with both groups. In particular I am a fan of great writing and by that I am like Lynne Truss in that I love good use of grammar and punctuation. This is as important to me as an interesting plot.


I have always enjoyed a glass of wine at the end of the day. One of the best presents we ever received as a couple was membership of the Wine Society. It is fantastic that it is owned by the members and it always delivers good quality and value. Definitely prefer red, port and dessert wines to white wine though.


When I worked in the corporate world, I would always team up dull coloured suits with a dash of colour from the Spring palette be it a scarf or a shirt as I am convinced it brightens everyone's day. Orange is my signature colour and that's great because it stands for positivity.


Typical of Taureans the way to woo me is through culinary skills in the kitchen. Just as well my husband is also a Taurean. We both love to cook and experiment with food.

Being pampered

There's not much that beats a good facial, pedicure or manicure. Given the chance I would make pampering or going to a Spa a monthly outing. It is so energising to have a period of peace and quiet with no children clamouring for attention.


I love finding out about new cultures, visiting different places and expanding my horizon. Something that with two small children I dream about now and yet its time will come again.


It is a wonderful way to take me out of my mind by focusing on the postures. I often find it gives me a real sense of release and a burst of creativity. Need to do it more often.


Fortunately I do not suffer from S.A.D but I do love it when the sun comes out. Everything seems easier and it reminds me of that kids' song about the sun has got its hat on and has come out to play. Let's hear for the sun.


My dear friend Callie was one of the first to read this post, do get to know her as she exudes love and light so naturally, and pointed out that I had only 9 things not 10 that make me happy. I had probably missed out the most important thing to me. I believe that we are here to be in relationship with one another. I have always been a pantheist which means that I believe that the spiritual lies within each of us and it is about making a connection at that level. That's why I love what I do coaching because it is all about building rapport and respecting the humanity in each and every person. It is what makes me alive which is why I am such a social media addict.

It's good to reflect on these things and I will certainly revisit this post when life is not so sunny as a reminder of my blessings. That's it from me apart from to tag someone. Initially I chickened out because no one asked to be tagged but I am choosing some people. I nominate:

ownselfbetrue because she is fab and her personal blog is new and is worth a visit

jesschivers because she is an advocate of positive psychology and will have an interesting take

emmakaufmann because she is a published writer who writes from the heart

colourfulcoach because she understands the importance of colour so really gets that point

somethingwonderfuldesign because she has such wonderful style and flair and is local to me

and you if you want to take the challenge. Just send me a tweet or leave me a comment if you are going to continue this meme.


  1. Thanks to @moonpoppy I realise I only wrote 9 things that make me happy. So the tenth one has to be friendship. Building rapport and connecting with peeps is so magical and whenever it happens it gives me an energy boost.

  2. And Orange looks really good on you too!

  3. Oh thanks Karen. I'm glad of that as it is something of a habit now as well as a signature.

  4. Books and food! Definitely two of my happiness triggers. I am going to be taking up yoga soon too and am hoping to be able to add that to the list.

  5. Well I can certainly let you know some good places to do yoga here in Hitchin when you move. I actually meant to tag you in this meme because we will soon be neighbours so to speak but due to pc crashes etc I never got that far and now you have answered the question so there we have. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I'm liking the description of me as "effervescent" :) Thank you.

    This was a lovely read - I'm also a Taurean!!

    Thanks for joining in with this meme, Kate x

  7. You are welcome Nickie I enjoyed it because it's a great subject matter to write about. I am surprised that you are a Taurean, it does not fit with my picture of you somehow and I mean that as a compliment. So when's your birthday?

  8. Yoga definately - I've been practising and teaching for over 10 years now and it is the calm spot on which my life is centred.

  9. Thanks so much! it feels good to be appreciated.

  10. You are welcome Emma and do let me know when you have written your 10. Yoga really does have something doesn't Karen. I was just talking to @liveinflow last night about opportunities to put together some of my leadership/ coaching stuff on whole self with her yoga...

  11. What wise and lovely words. I agree that friendship is so important- I can't get through the day without it! Thanks Kate, it's a wonderful end to a very long and chaotic day. Though its not over yet, as I love to read too, and am on a great book...

  12. Always love reading your comments Kim. Have a fabulous Easter, maybe see you later at the chocolate egg hunt but if not we will catch up soon.

  13. Ooh I'm liking this! Never been tagged before - does that mean I need to write a blog about the things that make me happy?

  14. Yes Cathy it does and let me know when you have done it and I will come read it. The only thing is that you then need to tag a few peeps yourself to keep the meme going.